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Unlocking Your Desires: Top 10 Most Popular Kinks Explained

Unlocking Your Desires: Top 10 Most Popular Kinks Explained

Unlocking Your Desires: Top 10 Most Popular Kinks Explained

What is a kink?

A kink is an umbrella term that includes all non-mainstream forms of sexual interest. Kinks are subjective and usually bring an added erotic energy to a sexual encounter. For example, your bestie might consider sex-toys to be kinky, and you find them pretty vanilla. So lets explore the world of kinks together, you never know what might tickle your fancy..

Top 10 most popular kinks


Exhibitionism is a sexual kink in which a person feels sexually aroused at the idea or reality of being caught engaging in sexual activities or being seen naked. Lots of people fantasize about having sex outdoors/in public and putting on a show. In fact, according to research conducted by psychologist Justin Lehmiller, 81% of men and 84% of women have “experienced sexual arousal at the thought of public sex” So if you’re curious to know whether you have an exhibitionist kink, here are a few examples you can judge for yourself!
You love...
Engaging in public sex where you could potentially be caught.
Inviting a third person over to watch you have sex and/or masturbate.
Sharing nude photos with your partner while they’re at work.


Bondage- The act of being restrained or restraining others for sexual excitement or pleasure.
Discipline- The consensual act of giving or receiving "punishments" for agreed-upon behaviours.
Dominance- The act and practice of exerting sexual power or control over another person consensually.
Submission- The act and practice of allowing yourself to be dominated and controlled for erotic pleasure and satisfaction.
Sadism- Receiving erotic excitement or pleasure from causing some harm or pain to another person.
Masochism- Receiving erotic pleasure or excitement from pain, deprivation, or being uncomfortable.
Sadomasochism- The tendency or practice of experiencing sexual pleasure from sadist acts, masochistic acts, or both.
Some great examples of BDSM are; Spanking, choking, wax play, handcuffs and ball gags.


A praise kink is where you get sexual gratification from being called a "good slut” or “good girl
It could also be about how good you are at taking dick. Whatever it is, you get off on either giving the praise or receiving it.


This kink is defined by taking on different personas before and during sex. Roleplay may give you a confidence you wouldn’t usually have when portraying yourself and you may experience intensified pleasure from doing so. For example, maybe you and your partner play a teacher and a student, or a boss and an assistant. Are you usually more timid but really let go and come harder when you don't have to be yourself? Maybe roleplay is the kink for you!

 Orgasm control

This Kink consists of letting your partner control the timing of your orgasm. This is often achieved through the use of bondage. The dominant partner restrains the submissive partner and stimulates them to the brink of orgasm—only letting them come when/if the dominant partner wants to. You might be into this kink if you're interested in submitting your pleasure to someone else or if you love giving or getting a ruined orgasm.

 Dirty talk

Dirty talk is exactly what it sounds like: using suggestive or explicit language during sex in order to heighten sensation and excitement. This might be your kink if you're generally verbose and enjoy using words to feel powerful during sex. You'll know if this is your kink or not if you reach orgasm quicker when talking or being talked to.

 Bodily Fluids

In many of the fantasies involving body fluids, they were used in an act of dominance/submission, Male and female ejaculate were the most common, with a majority of men and women having fantasized about them before.  Golden showers or ‘Urophiliaare’ often joked about because who gets aroused by pee? It turns out a lot of people do! Water sports and golden showers are terms often used interchangeably. They both explain getting sexual arousal and gratification from either peeing on someone or being peed on. Whether that's on your body or mouth is totally up to you!


Cuckolding is about being turned on by your partner having sex with someone else, either in front of you or away from you and relaying details at a later date. A cuckold is aroused by the idea of sharing their partner.

 Age play

Age play is a form of role play in which one or both partners pretend to be (and get off on being) an age other than their own. Chances are you’ve already experienced what could be considered ultra-lite age play if you’ve ever called a partner “baby” in bed. Another common example is the “daddy dominant–baby girl” setup. If you’re calling someone “daddy” in bed, you’re engaging in light age play.

 Yoni Egg Kink

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped device worn inside the vagina typically as part of pelvic floor exercises. A yoni egg is inserted inside the vagina and the pelvic floor muscles tighten their grip to hold the egg in place. They can be quite beautiful—the sexual wellness company Chakrubs sells them in crystals such as rose quartz, jade, and black obsidian. There’s also a spiritual element involved for many yoni egg users, particularly since they involve crystals.