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Love is Love: Our Pride Heroes

Love is Love: Our Pride Heroes

LGBTQ+ Heroes

When it came to naming our sets for the Love is Love collection, we drew inspiration from some of the most influential LGBTQ+ activists of our time.
Without these heroes, we wouldn't have the acceptance, love and allyship that we do today within the community. These figures paved the way for queer people today and stood up for their beliefs - that everyone should be able to be authentically themselves.
We wanted to tell you a little bit about each of our heroes, and what makes them our role models.

Marsha P. Johnson

When asked what the 'P' stood for, Marsha would say "Pay it no mind" and it's by this adage she lived - unapologetically herself, strong-minded and willful.
Often credited as being present at the historical Stonewall riots - Marsha was instrumental in fighting for gay rights in the 60s and 70s. The Stonewall uprising catapulted the gay rights movement and it soon became symbolic as what we now know as the Pride parade, which is celebrated yearly around the globe.
However Stonewall was only a small part of her actions - she founded the Gay Liberation Front, formed shortly after the Stonewall Riots to organise regular protests and action. She then began STAR, providing shelter to support homeless LGBTQ youth and sex workers, funded largely through her own earnings from sex work. In the 80s and 90s, she began advocating for those with AIDs and HIV, being HIV positive herself. 
Marsha's devotion to the gay rights movement ripples through the community even today, and we commemorate her every Pride by acknowledging her work for the cause.

Audre Lorde

Self described as "black, lesbian, mother, warrior and poet", Audre dedicated her life's work to fighting against the marginalisation of black, queer women. Known for her honest, emotional poetry and spoken word, the subjects she spoke about dealt with civil rights, sexism, classism and homophobia.
Lorde grappled with these different aspects of her identity throughout her poetry and prose, however this rage and sincerity didn't stay on the pages of books, it spilled over into activism, co-founding and founding organisations focused on supporting disadvantaged women. She fought to have women of colour published, as well as assisting survivors of abuse, injustice and apartied in South Africa. 
Lorde was instrumental in second and third-wave feminist theory, challenging simplistic or exclusionary views popularised by white feminists who didn't see race as a feminist issue.
Later in life, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and this influenced many of her works. Passing way in 1992, she took the name Gamba Adisa, meaning "Warrior: She who makes her meaning known."


Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy, affectionately known as Coccinelle - French for Lady Bug as she wore a black dress with red polka dots - was a transgender actress, entertainer and singer.
Famous for being the first widely publicised trans woman to undergo gender-affirming surgery, she became internationally recognised. At a time where transgender people didn't have much access to surgery or support, this was a transformative moment for the trans community. She was one of the first transgender film actresses. By just existing as an out-and-proud trans woman, Coccinelle helped to create an acceptance for the trans community.
She later married a trans man called Thierry Wilson, and together they advocated for trans rights. Creating the organisation "Devinir Femme" meaning "to become woman", they provided emotional and practical support for people going through their transition. While this was an important step in activism, she also helped propel trans rights through her personal life. When marrying Wilson, it was made legal for trans people to wed, and was recognised by the Catholic church. 
Through these personal victories, Coccinelle's fearlessness is what made her a trans and queer icon.



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