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Bra Fit Guide How to

How should a bra fit correctly and how do you measure your bra size at home?

How should a bra fit correctly and how do you measure your bra size at home?

How should a bra fit correctly and how do you measure your bra size at home?


Feeling grumpy? Distracted? Uncomfortable?

We’ve all been there: the discreet but ever-present nuisance of an ill-fitting bra.

A bra that fits properly is essential for everyday comfort. It also helps with posture and confidence. In the right bra, you both look and feel amazing.

So how do you know if a bra fits correctly?


How should a bra fit correctly?


Even if you’ve measured recently, bra size can change depending on age, weight, hormone fluctuations, pregnancy and a variety of other factors. In fact, you should measure your bra size every 6–12 months!

A bra that fits correctly will be comfortable. You won’t be able to feel the hook and eye, nothing will dig in or scratch, and the straps won’t slip off.

The bra's cups will fit the shape of your breast — no gap and no spilling over the top or to the side.

The straps will sit snuggly on your shoulders without digging in or falling off. Of course, you can adjust the straps to fit better, but if adjusting doesn’t help, then the band size is likely wrong

If your boobs are slipping out from underneath the band, you need a smaller band size. Or, if the band is riding up your back it’s too loose, so you should try a looser hook or a smaller band size.

Does this sound familiar for any (or all!) your bras? It could be time to get fitted!

You can go to get your bra professionally fitted. Or you can easily measure your bra size at home.


How to measure bra size at home


When measuring bra size at home, there are two elements to consider: the band and the cup.

To measure the band:

  1. Stand upright without a bra on.

  2. Get a tape measure and measure around your back and under your boob, i.e. where the band of a bra usually sits.

  3. Jot down how many inches this is. If it’s an even number, that’s your band size. If it’s an odd number, round it up.


To measure the cup:

  1. Put on your most comfortable bra. Your boobs are now in their optimal position, so that’s what you want to measure.

  2. Wrap the tape measure around your front and back, but this time in line with the fullest part of your bust.

  3. The difference in inches between this and your band size is your cup size:

·       0 = AA

·       1 = A

·       2 = B

·       3 = C

·       4 = D

·       5 = DD

·       6 = F

·       7 = FF

·       8 = G

·       9 = H


Now combine the band and the cup size to find your overall bra size. For example, if you have a band of 32 inches and a cup size C, you’re a 32C.

If you prefer a looser band, sister size to your correct band size (find out more about sister sizing here), for example, if you measure a 32D, you may prefer to wear a 34C or 36B


Now you’ve measured the right size, what bra style should you get? 


As with any item of clothing, different shapes and styles suit different bodies.

There’s no right or wrong here beyond going with what you feel most comfortable wearing. As a general guide:

Full cups and balcony bras provide comfort in terms of support.

Bralettes and unwired bras are comfortable in that they are less structured.


    Finally, a bra that fits!

     For more tips and tricks on bra fitting, check out our video


    Whatever your size, shape and style, there’s a bra for you. Shop sizes ranging from 28DD to 44H in the Playful Promises collection today.