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How To Be Confident (And Feel Comfortable!) In Lingerie

How To Be Confident (And Feel Comfortable!) In Lingerie

These 10 tips will have you looking and feeling your best, most comfortable, most confident self in lingerie.

For a lot of women, the idea of baring some skin and putting on a naughty little something is daunting.

But we’re here to show you lingerie is your friend, not your enemy!

The right lingerie can give you a massive boost in body confidence and self-love.

Feeling confident and comfortable in lingerie isn’t just about pleasing your partner (although they will definitely love it!) It’s about feeling happy in yourself, loving your body and expressing self-care and positivity.

A little experimentation with the below tips will show you how to feel comfortable and be confident in lingerie in no time!

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1. Find the right fit

Having the right size of lingerie is a must. Underwear that doesn’t fit won’t be flattering or comfortable. Whereas correctly sized lingerie will flaunt your best features, complimenting your physique and ensuring you feel comfortable and confident.

If you’re not feeling comfortable in lingerie, ask yourself: when was the last time you got a bra fitting? If it was a while ago, it might be time to get one booked in. Or, you can easily learn to size yourself at home.

It’s important to get fitted regularly as bra size can change depending on weight, pregnancy and hormonal fluctuations.


2. Remember that the most attractive traits are mental, not physical

It doesn’t matter what size or body shape you are. Learning how to be confident in lingerie is mental, not physical. The most attractive traits are confidence, positivity and being comfortable in yourself. The goal of lingerie is to bring out these traits, reminding you that you are gorgeous regardless of your shape or size.


3. Find the right style of lingerie for you

Everyone has a different sense of style and different colours or designs that suit them best. Whether it’s strappy or lacy, black or red, a plunge bra or a corset, find what you’re comfortable in to best express your sensuality and ensure you feel most comfortable in your lingerie.


4. Remember that lingerie is for you as well as your partner

Choose items you like that you feel good wearing rather than just things you think will please your partner.

Lingerie isn’t just for your partner — it’s for you, to help you look and feel your best self. So, choose items you’re most comfortable wearing. Your partner will naturally love it too once they see how confident you are in your new lingerie.


5. Invest in quality lingerie

Well-made lingerie will fit better, last longer, feel more comfortable and look and feel more luxurious. All of which will help you feel amazing wearing it!

Not all bras are created equal. There are lots of variables affecting the quality of the item and how supportive it is: the fabric, elastic, binding, wires, hook and eyes, labels, thread, and more!

Plus, details such as embroidery, lace, silk and embellishments all contribute towards making the item extra special — so that you feel extra special wearing it.


6. Invest in a matching set

When deciding what to wear with lingerie, mixing and matching is fun, but there’s nothing quite like wearing a perfectly coordinated set.

Even better if you have coordinating accessories, like a matching chiffon robe or suspenders.


7. Treat yourself to more lingerie days

Nice lingerie shouldn’t be saved just for big occasions, only to collect dust at the back of a drawer for half the year. There’s never a ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ time to practice self-care and feel sensual. And the more you wear lingerie the more comfortable you’ll feel in it.


8. Create the right environment

Dim the lights and light some candles (even better if they’re scented!) Creating an alluring and sensual environment will help you feel relaxed and out of the spotlight so that you can both look and feel your best.


9. Take some lingerie pictures

You don’t need to book a professional photoshoot. Anyone can learn how to take lingerie pictures that are flattering and confidence-boosting. Invest in a phone tripod and experiment with different lighting, angles and poses in your favourite lingerie to see just how amazing you look.


10. Experiment!

If you feel you’re not confident in lingerie, it’s most likely that you haven’t found the right set for you yet. The only way to get over this hurdle is to put yourself in some. Luckily, there’s an array of different styles and shapes out there for you to try. So, go ahead, experiment!


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