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Top Bridal Lingerie Trends for 2023: Exploring the Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern Styles

Top Bridal Lingerie Trends for 2023: Exploring the Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern Styles

Top Bridal Lingerie Trends for 2023: Exploring the Perfect Blend of Classic and Modern Styles

Whether you want to stick with the classics or move into the modern and up-to-date style, there are plenty of styles of lingerie that you can choose for your wedding. There is never a wrong answer when deciding what to wear and the most important thing is to pick pieces that you feel your absolute best in. If you are looking for some inspiration for what lingerie to wear for your 2023 wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the trends that are taking over the bridal fashion industry this year.

Starting off with the most present and new styles, contemporary designs are becoming increasingly popular in the bridal industry. When it comes to dresses, colourful gowns, separates and two pieces, and mini dresses are surging. We can see this coming into play with lingerie as well with bold colours and edgier designs being gravitated to. If your dress allows you to or showing your lingerie off is up your alley, choosing colours and pieces that stand out could be a fun way to spice up the usual white lingerie. It can be a little secret for just you or even a fun way to create a funky and unique look.

bright neon pink and purple lace embroidery lingerie set, bridal lingerie

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If this sounds like something that would make you feel your best on your special day, take a look at our Ada Set or our Safiya Set which both have bright bold colours for your boldest self. If you like the pieces but don’t think an under-the-dress moment would be their best place to shine, don't forget about the honeymoon where you are able to fully express yourself.

hot pink lace sexy lingerie set, bridal lingerie

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Sticking with colours that are not always the most traditional, what about turning your lingerie into your something blue? A modern twist on an old tradition could be just the right amount of old with the new. Also having a moment in the bridal industry, the colour blue or soft blues, in particular, are taking over as a popular for dresses in particular. This can be perfect if you want just a little extra something to add to your look. Take a peek at our favourite blue sets that would be just perfect to slip on under your dress.

blue lingerie set, bridal lingerie

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blue and gold embroidery lingerie set, blue bridal lingerie

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harriet blue sexy baby blue lace embroidery lingerie set, bridal lingerie

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blue embroidery lingerie set, bridal lingerie

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Another trend taking over the industry has been sheer dresses and lingerie fabric pieces. It's the perfect amount of classy and modern that can make you feel your absolute best on your special day. Lace and sheer fabrics can give you a light sexy look that won’t take over your dress and leave just the perfect amount up to the imagination when the dress comes off. Some of our favourite sheer pieces are the Cassia Set, Ditsy Set, and the Nico Set. With endless options on our website, there are plenty of options to fill all your needs.

sheer mesh cream embroidery lingerie set, bridal lingerie set

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white floral embroidery bridal lingerie set

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pink sheer mesh bridal lingerie set

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A little more of an untraditional but equally elegant option of lingerie that has been rising in popularity this year are one pieces. This is an easy option for someone who doesn’t want to think about having to find a matching set. If you’re looking for a piece that is a little more covering this can be the perfect fit. Pieces like our Sienna Lace Body are the best at having full coverage but still being a sexy piece of lingerie. But with many styles and variations available, there are plenty of items that leave less to the imagination. If that is more your speed, pieces like our Skylar Body or the Sarah Strappy Body could be your perfect fit.


black lace bodysuit, bridal lingerie

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strappy lace black bodysuit bridal lingerie

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strappy red open cup bodysuit, bridal honeymoon lingerie

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Increasingly popular in the bridal industry are photographers taking getting-ready photos before the ceremony. Why not look your absolute best by wearing a cute robe or pyjama set? These also have a very practical use too. Usually made with loose and silky fabrics, they won’t leave indents on your skin and are easy to take on or off, so it won’t ruin your hair or makeup. Some of our favourites are the Cassiopeia Robe, Tattoo Cami and Short Set, and the Lola Babydoll and Thong Set. Check out our whole selection here.

fluffy pink feather satin robe, bridal robe
white satin babydoll, bridal nightwear lingerie