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Why women LOVE crotchless knickers: what they are and how to wear them

Why women LOVE crotchless knickers: what they are and how to wear them

If you’ve not heard of crotchless underwear, it’s time to brush up on your lingerie knowledge!

Crotchless panties, also known as ouvert panties, have seen an upsurge in purchases in recent times. And it’s clear why: these raunchy additions to your lingerie collection are fun, practical and oh so sexy. We’re obsessed!

Read on to learn what crotchless knickers are and why they’ve become a lingerie must-have.


What is crotchless underwear?

Crotchless underwear — or, more specifically, crotchless knickers — are undies with, well, no crotch.

That’s right, ladies: enjoy the breeze, amongst other things. These panties have a conveniently placed hole providing open exposure to your lady parts.


Why wear crotchless panties?

There are plenty of reasons why you might wear crotchless panties:

  1. They are sexy. This is the most obvious reason that springs to mind when asked why women wear crotchless panties. Crotchless knickers are a bold statement that let your partner know you’re down for some fun. (Even better if they’re not expecting your gorgeous new underwear set to have a crotchless surprise!)
  2. You can have fun in lingerie and be comfortable. You love that new lingerie set, but the moment things get spicy it gets thrown to the floor. Not with crotchless underwear! You can have all the fun in the world and keep your new favourite lingerie piece on the whole time.
  3. They’re available in multiple styles and sizes. From ouvert panty girdles to floral lace thongs, there are crotchless undies available for every style and mood to suit your personal preferences and body shape.
  4. There are even health benefits! No fabric rubbing against a certain area has health benefits for those who are sensitive downstairs, keeping this area friction- and allergy-free.




What is the best crotchless underwear for me to get? 

When choosing crotchless underwear, the most important thing is to buy what you’re most comfortable wearing. The best crotchless underwear is simply that which makes you feel confident, sensual and empowered in your own body. 

If your looking for some beautiful embroidery then look no further than our Mayla ouvert briefs. Or perhaps you want something erotic and lacy , like the Black Satin & Lace Trim Brief. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to what the best crotchless underwear is for you. And there’s a whole world of options out there to explore. So, get out there and experiment!

How to wear crotchless panties 

You might be wondering how to wear crotchless panties to maximise sex appeal. There are a whole range of accessories out there that you can wear with your crotchless underwear to take your look to the next level.

Suspenders and garters are a classic elegant and alluring way to add a sophisticated yet sexual touch to any lingerie look. 

Wear your crotchless undies under a chemise for some sensual evening fun. Available in silky smooth fabrics and seductive designs, you’ll easily find a piece that matches your crotchless undies.

Or be totally explicit with some bedroom accessories like nipple pasties, latex mittens or a choker.



Where can I buy crotchless panties? 

You can shop ouvert panties online today on the Playful Promises website by clicking here.