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How to choose the right sex toy

How to choose the right sex toy


There are a lot of sex toy options out there. Big, small, vibrating, rotating… deciding how to choose the right sex toy can be confusing!

This guide will help demystify the differences between different sex toys and help you decide what the right sex toy is for you to enjoy the most pleasure and fun!


What is a vibrator sex toy?

A vibrator sex toy is a phallic-shaped sex toy that is battery powered and pulsates to provide sexual stimulation. Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes and styles to suit different preferences and can be used both externally and internally 

Vibrator sex toys can be enjoyed solo or with a partner, and can be used by both men and women to stimulate the clitoris, vulva, penis, scrotum or anus (and the Je Joue Dua Vibrator can do two at once!) That’s right; a good vibrator can do anything! 

A vibrator sex toy is perfect for you if:


  • You’re looking for versatility.
  • You’re new to the sex and masturbation game and are looking to experiment.


What is a rabbit sex toy?

Like a vibrator, a rabbit sex toy is a phallic-shaped sex toy with the extra addition of two prongs shaped like bunny ears which provide clitoral stimulation.

Rabbits are designed to give more intense stimulation than traditional clitoral vibrators as they provide clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time.


A rabbit sex toy is perfect for you if: 

  • You hate decisions! You love clitoral AND vaginal stimulation, and you want both at once!


What is a clitoral vibrator?

Clitoral vibrators focus on just that: the clitoris. Rather than penetrate, their focus is on achieving orgasm through external stimulation at varying speeds and intensities. Because of this, a lot of clitoral vibrators are round or egg-shaped rather than phallic-shaped like other sex toys.


A clitoral vibrator is perfect for you if: 

  • Your preference is clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal.
  • You're looking for less power than a wand.


What is a wand sex toy? 

A wand sex toy is a vibrating massaging device. It consists of a round vibrating ball attached to a handle.

Wands can be powered by battery, but for some extra oomph you can get wands that plug into the mains power, making them one of the most powerful sex toys on the market! 

Wands can be used for clitoral stimulation with your partner or by yourself (the extra-long handle makes it easy!) And you can even use them for actual back massages, too.


A wand sex toy is perfect for you if:

  • You prefer external, clitoral stimulation.
  • You prefer some real POWER rather than gentle and delicate sensations.


What are the best sex toys for couples?


There is no best sex toy for couples. If you’re looking to share some sex toy fun with your partner, what works best comes down to each of your personal preferences. 

That being said, there are some great sex toy sets out there to please the both of you! Buying a combination of a vibrator for you and a cock ring for him means everyone’s satisfied

While you can enjoy the rumbly sensations of the G-spot vibrator, his cock ring includes a clitoral stimulator with different vibrate functions and speeds, helping you both achieve orgasm after orgasm!

Discover new levels of pleasure. Shop the Je Joue sex toy range at Playful Promises today.