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Playful Muse: Jess Megan

Playful Muse: Jess Megan

 "I have expressed myself in every possible way through lingerie"

Jess Megan celebrates self love, body positivity and advocates for the empowerment of women. She's been featured in Cosmopolitan and Teen Vogue for her activism and has been a muse of ours for a long time.

We spoke to Jess about the body positivity movement, lingerie and life advice.

What is it about lingerie you enjoy?

Lingerie is a tool I have used to show softness and confidence. I have used it to shock, make people laugh and cry.  I have used it to show my sexuality as well as vulnerability. It’s the best piece of clothing I have utilised to show people my entire self on social media and on the streets. I have expressed myself in every possible way through lingerie. I owe so so much to it.


If you could pick one piece from your edit, which one would you choose and why?

The Ariana, I can wear it with trainers, feels like a hug for my boobs

How do you want the body positivity community to develop in the next 5 years?

I want to see older bodies represented. We are all going to grow older, our bodies will sag, become marked and scarred. We will develop age spots and wrinkles. It’s an inevitability for all of us and yet we hardly ever talk about older generations, as though they stop being relevant. Why? We are wiser, stronger, richer in a multitude of ways. I am delighted to see more conversation surrounding disabled, fat, LGBTQIA+ bodies, but I’d like to see beautiful, more antiquated bodies.

How do you deal with the societal pressure to look a certain way?

I ignore it. It means nothing, it changes every season and my eulogy will say nothing of my saggy tits. My legend will be focused on what I did for others, and that is what I care about most.

What’s one piece of advice you live by?

The to-do list will never be done. There will always be things to clean, food to be bought, clothes to be donated, rooms to be cleared, gardens to be tended to, books to be read. Make sure you keep the same energy that you do for chores that you do for the “impractical.” Sitting in long grass, bike rides, sea swims, new food, disposable cameras, fossil hunting, stars. The foliage & warmth of life is in the time “wasted.”