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Crumb Catcher - PRE-ORDER


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Product Description

Introducing the Playful Promises Crumb Catcher - the solution to messy eating! Are you tired of spilling food on yourself and making a mess every time you eat? The Crumb Catcher is here to save the day!

Featuring a simple design that attaches to your bra, the Crumb Catcher catches all those pesky crumbs as they fall, so you don't have to worry about embarrassing moments or messy clean-ups. Compatible with all Playful Promises bras, the Crumb Catcher is perfect for anyone who loves to snack in style.

Don't take our word for it - just ask Becky, a former "Mess Maker" who was too embarrassed to eat in public before she discovered the Crumb Catcher. Now, she's carefree and happy, enjoying her meals without fear of making a mess.

While stocks last, get your Crumb Catcher from Playful Promises today!

Please note that the Crumb Catcher is intended for adult use only and may not catch all crumbs. Purchase of the Crumb Catcher from Playful Promises is subject to terms and conditions.