May 05, 2021

Summer’s coming, which means it’s time for sun, sea and swimwear! If you’re gearing up to spend time on the beach or by the pool, to the first thing to do is find gorgeous swimwear that looks good and feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than worrying about too much exposure at the beach (and we don’t mean the sun)!
Read on to learn how to find your perfect swimwear size, fit and style, plus browse the latest swimwear trends.

How to wear swimwear: finding the right size

Generally speaking, your swimwear size will be the same as your usual clothing size. If you’re unsure, get out a measuring tape and use the sizing chart below: 
Playful Promises UK swimwear body measurements and sizing chart for hips, waist and bust
Your waist measurement will be around the narrowest part of your waist, your hip measurement will be the fullest part of the hips and your bust measurement will be the fullest part of your bust.
When it comes to bikinis with bra sizes, we recommend sticking to your usual bra size. If you’re unsure what that is, check out our bra fitting guide.

What style swimwear should you wear for your body shape?

At Playful Promises, we’re firm supporters of women wearing whatever they feel most comfortable and happy in. So once you find the right size for comfort, there are zero rules around what swimwear is best for your body shape! Here are a few tips to find the perfect fit for comfort and confidence.

Choose bikini separates to mix and match sizes and styles

If you have a pear-shaped body or a large bust, you might want to buy bikini separates rather than a bikini set or a swimsuit. With bikini separates, the top and bottoms can be bought separately giving you control of the size of each so neither is too loose or too tight. Plus, you have all the fun of mixing and matching different designs!
Wolf & Whistle Scarlett and Lillian bikini swimwear sets 
The Playful Promises collection has a range of bikini tops and bottoms for you to choose from for the best fit. Explore different style options, like the Wolf & Whistle Scarlett and Lillian sets, perfect for mixing and matching.

Adjustable bikini tops or bottoms give you all the control

Adjustable straps mean you can cinch, loosen and adapt your swimwear for the comfiest fit. Bikinis that fasten with a bow are great for this, as you can fasten them to whatever tightness you like.
Wolf & Whistle Hannah Teal Triangle Bikini Top and Bottom Swimwear Set 
Some swimwear briefs are adjustable too, like our Hannah Teal Tie-Side Bikini Brief. Just like with adjustable bikini tops, this extra functionality gives you full control!  

High-leg swimsuits serve legs for days

If you want to draw attention to long, slim legs, high-leg swimsuits, like this must-have Hustler swimsuit, will accentuate your favourite feature.
 Bettie Page Vivian Bikini Top and Bottoms Swimsuit Set

Choose underwire swimwear for extra support or definition

Underwired options like this offer extra support for those with a bigger bust or provide extra definition for those with a smaller bust. They really are perfect for everyone!
Bettie Page Honey Red Swimsuit

Ruching can accentuate your natural shape

Ruching can help draw attention to your curves, like this gorgeous Bettie Page Honey Red Swimsuit which pulls in the waist and accentuates the hips.
Have you decided the swimwear style you want to wear? Find the perfect swimwear for you — shop the Playful Promises collection today.

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