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How should a bra fit correctly?


A bra that fits correctly will be comfortable. You won’t be able to feel the hook and eye, nothing will dig in or scratch, and the straps won’t slip off.


The bra’s cups will fit the shape of your breast — no gap and no spilling over the top or to the side.


The straps will sit snuggly on your shoulders without digging in or falling off. Of course, you can adjust the straps to fit better, but if adjusting doesn’t help, then the band size is likely wrong


If your boobs are slipping out from underneath the band, you need a smaller band size. Or, if the band is riding up your back it’s too loose, so you should try a looser hook or a smaller band size.

Sister size is a size where the cup volume stays the same despite the band and cup number changing

This is why if for example your bra size is 34C but it is out of stock you could try a 32D or 36B as the cup is made from the same size patterns pieces and uses the same size bra wires – it is just the band which is a different length.

As the bra will have 3 rows of hooks and eyes on the end of the band it can often work on the tightest if you size up or on the loosest or with a bra extender if you size down.


Don’t go up or down more than one either side though as then the band would be too tight or loose.

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