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How to Find the Best High Waisted Underwear For You

How to Find the Best High Waisted Underwear For You
Playful, practical, flattering and luxurious… we’re obsessed with high waisted underwear!
If you’re new to the high waisted undies trend, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about, what high waist options are out there and what type of high waisted undies you should buy.
We’re here to unveil all you need to know about these lingerie must-haves so that you find the perfect high waist knickers to ensure you feel confident, comfortable and fabulous!

High waisted knickers, panties, undies… What is high waisted underwear actually called?

There are many different types of high waisted underwear out there, so this lingerie essential comes under lots various names depending on the style and design.
High waisted panties, knickers and undies refer to all types of high waisted underwear out there.
You can also refer to them as high waisted thongs, briefs or otherwise, depending on the specific design of the item.
High waisted briefs can give your bum full coverage. For example, this Eddie Black High Waist Brief is extra comfortable with a full coverage back, but it's luxe and flattering thanks to its sexy strappy detailing.
high waist mesh black knickers 
Like this Ramona Black Mesh High Waisted Thong, high waist thongs offer the same high waist design but with no bum coverage. This gives a seamless appearance when wearing tight-fitting clothing.
black mesh high waisted thong
If you’re feeling flirty, you can try looking for high waist crotchless knickers for options that are more revealing down below. These are also known as high waist ouvert briefs, or ouvert/crotchless panties in the US. For example, our Bettie Page Classic High Waist Ouvert Briefs pair perfectly with any of your black sexy somethings.
black high waisted mesh crotchless briefs

Why wear high waisted underwear?

If you’re new to the high waisted underwear trend, you may be wondering, ‘What is the point of high waisted underwear?’
But before you run back to your low-rise briefs, consider these reasons why women are loving high waisted panties right now:
high waisted seamless knickers

They’re seamless.

If you’re not a fan of thongs, high waisted underwear with a full-coverage brief is a great alternative. If they fit correctly, the leg opening seamlines will disappear with the natural curvature of your bum. Meanwhile, the high waistband means no seam will be visible around your waist or hips when wearing tight-fitting clothing, try the Black Second Skin High Waisted Briefs for a barely there seamless dream.

There’s no risk of them slipping down.

Don’t you hate the feeling of bending down to pick something up and knowing more is on show than you’d like? Then standing and having to subtly hoist yourself back in place? This is no longer a problem with high rise undies — the waist seam stays high leaving everything concealed!

They’re flattering.

High waist clothing is a popular option because it compliments the female silhouette, hugging the waistline and amplifying natural curves. High waist underwear flatters your natural shape and helps you feel your most sexy and attractive.

They’re comfortable.

Many women find high waist undies more comfortable than other underwear choices. They offer extra coverage while knowing you look amazing: no seam lines, no slipping, no readjusting.

What are the best high waisted knickers for you?

If you’re wondering what high waist knickers to buy, good news: high waisted knickers are flattering for everyone.
When buying any kind of undies, the most important thing is that it fits correctly so you’re comfortable and secondly, that you like the style and design so you feel fabulous wearing it.
Having said that, there are certain benefits of different styles of high waisted undies that might help you decide which ones will work best for you.
For a flirty look, choose something lace, sheer or strappy.
Plus size ladies can feel sexy and flatter their figure with high-waist options from our curve range.
High waist panties with high-cut sides accentuate your legs.
For a seamless result when wearing leggings or other tight-fitting clothes, choose high waist thongs.
Find the best high waisted underwear for you