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bra fit fitting tool

How to use our bra-fitting tool

How to use our bra-fitting tool

How to use our bra-fitting tool to get fitted at home


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Finding your perfect Playful fit

Bra fitting can be a bit of a minefield if you’re new to bras or have never been fitted. Not everyone wants to get measured in-person and it can be a little inconvenient getting out the measuring tape at home. Don’t worry though, Playful has a quick and easy way to fit your bra!

Our fitting tool is designed to make this easy for you and you can get fitted in minutes. You can even do it without leaving your sofa or desk, and you don’t need a tape measure!


How do you fit a bra correctly?

Our fitting tool takes you through all the steps you need to take and does the work for you, so you don’t have to deal with any confusing measurements or bra fit terminology.


Step One


how to find the perfect bra size

Punch in a few basic stats about yourself to begin with. If you’re not sure on your height or weight, just go with your best guess!



Step Two


help find your bra size

Now tell us about your current bra size - you can change the conversion using the little dropdown if you need to.


Step Three


bra fitting help to find the perfect bra size

Let us know about the brand you wear and how old the bra is. This helps us accommodate for any bra brands that may have slightly different sizing to ours. The age of the bra also helps us know whether the bra is going to have lost it’s stretch over time.


Step Four


finding the perfect bra size

Tell us about the hook you’re wearing this bra on - this helps us calculate whether you need a tighter or looser band size.


Step Five


fit your bra at home

Give us a little more info on how it feels - this way we can determine how comfortable your current size is and how we can improve on it.


Step Six


Get your recommended bra size! Here we’ve taken into account all the info you’ve provided and given our recommendation of the bra size you should wear, as well as your sister size. Knowing your sister size enables you to buy bras if your usual size is out of stock - the only difference is the band may need to be worn on a tighter or looser setting.

Finally, if you have any more sizing queries or need help, feel free to reach out to us on email!