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briefs guide

The De-Brief on Briefs

The De-Brief on Briefs
Knickers, panties, pants, Brazilians, thongs, G-strings – the list goes on! All these terms can be quite overwhelming when you’re just looking for a pair of briefs to make you feel good. We’re here to give you the de-brief on brief styles and help you find out what’s the best fit for you!


Briefs are a perfect everyday style as they tend to have full coverage on the front and back, they sit low on the hips and don’t extend to the thigh.
While practical, they don’t have to be boring! Briefs can come in many different styles including sheer mesh, cheeky hardware detail or flirty cut-out sections.
Briefs are easily worn over or underneath suspender belts if the mood takes you, and work great with all clothing.
lacey blue briefs 


Brazilian briefs are known for being cheekier – literally! A Brazilian brief, while similar to a normal brief, features a cheeky cut in the back to show off your ass-ets. They tend to be low-rise, while also providing some coverage.
If you are a fan of your bum, then Brazilian briefs will compliment your derriere beautifully! They usually are more fitted on the back, using stretch mesh or lace with a seam in the middle to enhance your cheeks
Just like the brief, the Brazilian works as an everyday piece of lingerie
cheeky green lace brazilian briefs knickers

French Knickers

Ooh-la-la! French knickers are for lovers of retro and vintage style, but are also perfect for people who can’t wear tight underwear or prefer not to.
Because they have a lot of fabric, they are best to wear under full skirts and dresses, but many wear them on their own as nightwear. French Knickers are fitted on the waist and flare out towards the bottom, and still give a sexy glimpse of your derriere underneath.
peach satin french knickers vintage knickers 


Thongs can come in a few shapes and sizes; high waisted, high leg, lacy, satin – but they all have one thing in common – the back! The back is a small section of fabric leaving your buttocks on full show.
You can decide whether you’d like more coverage at the front, but thongs are great for hiding any VPL’s when wearing tightly-fitted clothing.
For more on deciding on the best thong for you, head to our Thong Guide
strappy black mesh thong, g string thong 
What’s your favourite brief style?
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