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Get Creative in the Bedroom: Must-Try Sex Positions for Couples!

Get Creative in the Bedroom: Must-Try Sex Positions for Couples!

Exploring Intimacy: New and Exciting Sex Positions for Couples

Are you looking to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner? Trying out new sex positions can be a fun and exciting way to explore each other’s bodies and enhance intimacy. From classic favourites to creative variations, there are countless positions that can bring pleasure and satisfaction to both partners. In this blog, we’ll share some of our favourite sex positions for couples to try together. Get ready to take your sexual experiences to the next level!


We’ve all heard of the cowgirl, the cowboy is pretty similar but with the roles reversed. Lie down with your legs straight out, have the penis-owner straddle the vagina-owner from above, and enter the vagina. The vagina-owner may need to start with their legs wide and the penis-owner’s knees between the vagina-owner’s thighs, and then adjust. This position increases the intensity and tightness for both partners, women are able to reach orgasm more easily when their legs are clenched closer together, and the penis owner will enjoy the added tightness as he enters.

cowboy sex position


Lie down on your back and have your partner grab your legs, holding them out in a V-shaped position while kneeling and thrusting. “This position is called ‘victory’ for a reason, as it allows deep, intense penetration, excellent for G-spot stimulation.

the victory sex position

The Power Grab

Similar to doggy style, the Power Grab is a position in which the partner penetrating from behind has all control. The submissive partner stays on their knees while their arms are held back by the dominant partner. Why not try some handcuffs or hair pulling for extra kink.

the power grab sex positions to try

The Golden Arch

Have them sit with their legs straight while you sit on top of them, bend your knees on top of their thighs and both of you lean back. This sexy move gives you both nice views of each other’s full bodies. You’ll also have control over the depth, speed, and angle of the thrusts.

golden arches sex position

The Pretzel

Lie on your right side. And relax. The more taxing element comes for your partner. Kneeling down, they'll need to straddle your right leg then lift your left leg so it's curled around their left side. You both get the deep penetration of doggy style, but with that all-important eye contact. Why not take It to the next level…. your partner has their hands free, we bet you can think of a few things they could be doing with them.

pretzel sex position

The Ballet Dancer

Beds get hot and sweaty and who wants to have to wash the sheets all the time? Stand facing your partner, then lift one foot and hook it around their waist. I guarantee the only thing you will need to wash after this position is yourself.

ballet dancer sex positions

The Sphinx

You lay down on your front, with your weight on your arms. Stretch one leg out and bend the other to the side. Next, they lay on top, using their hands to support their weight. I promise the extra pressure around your pelvis will feel amazing.

sphinx sex position

The Butterfly

Modify missionary with a bit more power. The Butterfly sex position involves having the receiving partner lay back on a slightly elevated surface (bed, table, countertop, go off!) tilting their hips upward and offering cervical stimulation and free hands for clitoral activities. For that sweeping-off-the-countertop (or desk) hot sex moment that you’ve totally fantasized about, this position can utilize just about any flat surface that is the right height for your penetrating partner. Take turns controlling the depth of penetration (the receiving partner can adjust their legs at their partners shoulders as well) and you’ll both be seeing stars.

butterfly sex position

Open doors

One partner lies on their back. Using their shoulders as anchor support, they then raise their booty and draw their legs up to their chest, adopting a wide-open position. The other partner then bends slightly, lowering themselves into their lover, with the support of a firm thigh hold. Not only will this position allow both partners to gaze intimately into each other’s eyes as they make love to one another, but it also allows the giving partner to control the depth, angle and speed of every thrust. The receiving partner can also take the opportunity to masturbate, giving their lover an unforgettable show by stimulating their erogenous zones.

open doors sex positions to try

The Snow Angel

One partner lay on their back while the other lies on top of them with their head face down, near their lover's legs. The partner on the bottom lifts their legs and wraps them around the partner above (if you're enjoying penetration, this allows very deep access). The partner on top spreads their legs open wide, to show off their peachy cheeks.

snow angel sex position