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How to take care of your sex toys

How to take care of your sex toys

Treat em mean but keep them clean…

Sex toys do great things for you and your sex life, but they need a little TLC too. Whether its a majestic wand or a classic bullet it couldn’t be more important to keep them clean and here's the blog to show you how to do just that!
Neglecting your sex toys can shorten their life span and potentially introduce unwanted bacteria which could lead to infection, and no one wants that worry when your after a little… or a lot of fun
 Soft Paris Purple Double Vibrator

A Few Tips: Quality over quantity

Start with a quality product, this doesn’t mean it has to have a big price tag, some simpler products without all the lumps and bumps, like a small G-spot vibrator or a classic rabbit can be both reliable and affordable! Or if your wanting to splurge for your own pleasure our Midas Intimate toy or an App controlled vibrator could be the one for you.
Soft Paris Midas Intimate Toy

Clean, clean, clean

Clean them often, you want to be hygienic as possible when it comes to your sex toys, make sure to clean them before and after each use with gentle antibacterial soap and water, you can also submerge them in boiling water for a few minutes for a deeper clean. Leaving them to air dry is the best way to maintain your toys to avoid any residue from other objects sticking to it.
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The right lube

Choose the right Lube, you want a lube that offers a high quality glide, washes off easily and won’t stain fabrics, we have the perfect selection for you, whether you’re wanting a simple warming water based lubricant or you want to make it a bit more fun with our flavoured lubricant set.
Soft Paris Lubricant Set

Sharing and caring

Be wary of sharing, if you’ve chosen our couples collection to spice things up the cleaning process is even more crucial, always sterilise your toy before sharing it with someone else.
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All dildos must go to heaven

Know when it's time to throw it… Depending on the toy you may start to notice signs of wear and tear, lower quality toy motors can get too hot over time or plastic toys may start to discolour, which could mean it’s time is nearly up. Always use your best judgement and don’t get too attached… We have a good selection of toys for you to find a new one which suits all your needs.
 All Sex Toys must go to heaven

 To round up; The Dos and Don’ts of cleaning your toys.

DO clean your toys before and after use.
DO remove any batteries and close the battery compartment tightly before cleaning.
DO leave your toys to air dry thoroughly or dry with a clean towel.
DON’T put your sex toys away before they are totally dry.
DON’T leave your toys on a radiator or next to a heat source when drying.
So remember, you need happy vibes for a happy life and we can provide that for you with our collection of sex toys or massage oils and lubes.