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Facts on Factories
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Planet-Friendly Packaging
Ship by sea
Take it to a charity shop
This is best for clothing in a rewearable condition. You can donate your clothes to a charity shop and help generate money for a good cause
Bring it to the high street
Several high street stores offer incentives if you recycle clothes in-store. For example, H&M will give you a £5 voucher as a thank you
Resell it
You can easily snap a picture of your unwanted item and upload it to Depop, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace to make a little money! This way, your clothes get to be loved again
Swishing is when you throw a clothes-swapping party. Invite your friends over for a few drinks, asking them to bring over some unwanted clothing.
Textile Banks
You can donate all sorts of clothing to textile banks, even those which are unwearable. They can upcycle them or recycle them.
If you have a basic knowledge of sewing, you can upcycle your old clothes! You can mend any defects, or create a completely new garment. If you aren’t much of a seamtress, you can take your items to a local tailor