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Beyond Basics: A Guide to Different Types of Suspender Belts

Beyond Basics: A Guide to Different Types of Suspender Belts

Suspenders: the unsung heroes of the bedroom that are rarely used to their full potential. A timeless accessory to a full lingerie set, that we’re all guilty of leaving out. Sure, stockings can be a little fiddly, but believe it or not, once you’ve got the hang of it, they can actually help improve the confidence you need to take charge in the bedroom. Read on for our tips and tricks on why they improve confidence, and how you can wear them..

Firstly, suspenders don’t have to be something that you rush putting on in the bathroom whilst your date awaits. If changing into them on the night gets you flustered, try putting them on as part of your outfit. Suspenders are a great way to add an extra touch of class and sophistication to any look, while also providing support. Try replacing your tights with a pair of stockings, no one will have any idea you’ve got a sultry pair of suspenders clasped onto them under your skirt... until things get heated in the bedroom of course. Ensuring your seduction is prepped before-hand can give you that sense of relief and self-assurance to get things going straight away. This way there’s no awkward pauses, only guaranteed surprises, and elevated excitement!

There’s many types of suspenders out there, and if you’re not sure where to start, pay close attention.

There’s suspender belts with adjustable straps made for stockings:

adjustable blue floral suspender belt

Shop our Mayla Blue Floral Suspender Belt

There’s suspender belts with garter straps that are not made for stockings, only bold looks and ease:

blue strappy suspender belt with garter straps

Shop our Ayaka Blue Suspender Belt

There’s suspender skirts for more body coverage and extra fizz:

black mesh skirt suspender belt

Shop our Aria Black Suspender Skirt

There’s harness suspenders that caress your whole body from neck to legs for an extra sexy look:

black strappy suspender harness

Shop our Tasha Black Mesh Harness Suspender 

There’s girdle suspender belts for even more coverage and for the retro babes out there:

black suspender girdle

Shop our Solar Black and Gold Cosmic Print Girdle

There’s Waspies to particularly accentuate the waist:

blue satin waspie suspender belt

Shop our Olympia Storm Grey Diamante Detail Waspie

There’s also Basques with suspender straps too for a look that’s literally made for the bedroom:

black strappy mesh cut out basque suspender straps

Shop our Chantal Black Wired Mesh Basque with Leg Harness

All very different, but all have the same principal. Depending on the mood or aesthetic you want to go for, there’s an option for all. Leading on from this, not many people know which way you should wear your suspenders. However, you can be rest-assured as we’re here to tell you there’s actually two ways you can wear them - either over the top of your briefs, or under. If you’re going for just a slaying look/absolute vibes (but plan for the whole outfit to be ripped off) then wear your suspenders over the top of your briefs. However, for easy access and extra confidence throughout your entire performance, put them under your briefs. This allows your briefs to be pulled off, whilst the rest of your outfit remains. This is perfect if you wanted to make the most of your entire outfit, especially if it gives you that added self-assurance by curving your silhouette perfectly. Remember being confident and comfortable are the most important ingredients for an improved sex life.

Overall, suspenders are IT, and lets not lie... Looking great in the bedroom is something that most of us aspire to. Whether it's for a special night out or date, or an intimate evening spent with our significant other. One sure fire way to look your best is by taking advantage of suspenders for a spicy, put together look. So, add that extra finishing touch to your favourite Playful Promises set now, and add a pair of suspenders to your cart...